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Course Description

This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required to plan and coordinate weed control activities using appropriate strategies to provide effective, economic control while minimising environmental damage.

The unit applies to individuals who work under broad direction and take responsibility for their own work. They use discretion and judgement in the selection, allocation and use of available resources and for solving problems.

Elements and Performance Criteria

1. Assess weed infestation

  • Identify and record weeds and potential weeds for target area
  • Identify the scope, stage and size of the weed infestation impacting on target area
  • Assess effect of weed infestation on target area
  • Identify tolerable levels of infestation according to workplace requirements
  • Investigate approaches to control weed infestation
  • Identify non-target plant and animal species present in the area
  • Assess the site for suitability of control measures according to health and safety in the workplace and environmental requirements

2. Plan weed control measures

  • Determine suitable control options according to workplace requirements and legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Identify and assess hazards, risks and controls according to workplace procedures and regulations
  • Identify appropriate resources for control options
  • Identify, fit and use personal protective equipment in accordance with health and safety in the workplace procedures
  • Select and prepare a plan for control measures according to workplace strategy and environmental legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Document control measures according to workplace and legislative requirements

3. Implement weed control

  • Assess conditions for implementation of control plan and adjust plan according to conditions
  • Implement control measures in accordance with workplace pest management plan and industry best practice
  • Ensure that control measures minimise effect on non-target species and environmental damage
  • Maintain records of the control measure according workplace procedures and regulatory requirements

4. Monitor weed control measures

  • Monitor weed control measures and identify adverse impact on non-target entities
  • Assess effectiveness of weed control measures in accordance with workplace procedures
  • Report results of assessment according to client or workplace procedures