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Certificate 3 Guarantee Program

The Certificate 3 Guarantee is a Queensland Government funded program, supporting eligible individuals, allowing them to complete their first Certificate 3 level qualification. It’s aimed at increasing the skill level of individuals to assist with moving into employment, re-entering the workforce or advancing their career.


The program is open to any Queensland resident aged 15 years or older who is no longer at school (with the exception of VET in schools students), and is an Australian or New Zealand citizen. Prospective students must not have or currently be, enrolled in a Certificate 3 or higher qualification, not including qualifications completed at school and foundation skills training.

Programs available

RII30113 - Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations

Cost of training

Concessional students

Fee Per Competency - $1.00

Total price of full Certificate 3 per student—$13.00

Non-Concessional students

Non concessional students are expected to contribute to the cost of their training through a co-contribution fee which represents the total cost to the student and includes enrollment charges, tuition fees, services fees, material fees, and all other costs associated with the delivery of training.

Fee Per Competency - $30.00

Total price of full Certificate 3 per student—$390.00

Prior to enrollment of this program, students can also access the Jenagar Student Handbook which includes information such as payment and refund policies, support and counselling services and enrollment and privacy polices and procedures.   

You can also view or download the Queensland Government Certificate 3 Guarantee student fact sheet at: