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This qualification provides the skills and knowledge required for work in a defined context and/or for further study in conservation and ecosystem management. Work would be carried out under general guidance and supervision.

The qualification enables individuals to select and develop basic factual, technical and procedural knowledge in conservation and ecosystem management for Indigenous land management, lands, parks and wildlife services and the restoration and rehabilitation of ecosystems.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication. Users are advised that individual elective units selected may have licensing, legislative or certification requirements and are advised to check the units individually for these requirements.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

Core Units

AHCWHS201 - Participate in work health and safety processes

AHCWRK209 - Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Elective Units

Group A

AHCBIO203 - Inspect and clean machinery, tools and equipment to preserve biosecurity

AHCECR202 - Maintain wildlife habitat refuges

AHCECR203 - Perform basic ecological restoration works

AHCECR201 - Capture digital media for fieldwork 

AHCECR305 - Collect native seed

AHCFAU202 - Recognise fauna

AHCFIR202 - Assist with planned burning

AHCILM201 - Maintain cultural places

AHCILM202 - Observe and report plants or animals

AHCILM203 - Record information about Country

AHCLPW201 - Operate a handheld GPS device

AHCLPW311 - Construct access tracks

AHCPCM202 - Collect, prepare and preserve plant specimens

AHCPCM204 - Recognise plants

AHCPGD206 - Conduct visual inspection of park facilities

AHCPMG201 - Treat weeds

AHCPMG202 - Treat plant pests, diseases and disorders

AHCPMG304 - Use firearms to humanely destroy animals

AHCPMG307 - Apply animal trapping techniques

AHCPMG312 - Apply poison baits for vertebrate pest control in rural and environmental landscapes

AHCSAW203 - Conduct erosion and sediment control activities

AHCSAW202 - Recognise landforms and soil types

AHCWRK202 - Observe environmental work practices

AHCWRK204 - Work effectively in the industry

AHCWRK205 - Participate in workplace communications

AHCWRK312 - Operate in isolated and remote situations

PUAFIR204* - Respond to wildfire

PUAFIR210 - Prevent injury

PUALAW001 - Protect and preserve incident scene

SITXCCS002 - Provide visitor information

Group B

AHCCHM201 - Apply chemicals under supervision

AHCINF201 - Carry out basic electric fencing operations

AHCINF202 - Install, maintain and repair farm fencing

AHCINF203 - Maintain properties and structures

AHCLSC201 - Assist with landscape construction work

AHCLSC203 - Install aggregate paths

AHCLSC205 - Install tree protection devices

AHCMOM201 - Operate two wheel motorbikes

AHCMOM202 - Operate tractors

AHCMOM203 - Operate basic machinery and equipment

AHCMOM204 - Undertake operational maintenance of machinery

AHCMOM205 - Operate vehicles

AHCMOM206 - Conduct grader operations

AHCMOM207 - Conduct front-end loader operations

AHCMOM208 - Conduct excavator operations

AHCMOM209 - Conduct dozer operations

AHCMOM210 - Conduct scraper operations

AHCMOM213 - Operate and maintain chainsaws

AHCMOM216 - Operate side by side utility vehicles

AHCMOM217 - Operate quad bikes

AHCNSY206 - Care for nursery plants

AHCNSY207 - Undertake propagation activities

AHCPCM205* - Fell small trees

AHCPGD201 - Plant trees and shrubs

AHCSOL203 - Assist with soil or growing media sampling and testing

AHCWRK201 - Observe and report on weather

AHCWRK206 - Observe enterprise quality assurance procedures

AHCWRK207 - Collect and record production data

AHCWRK208 - Provide information on products and services

BSBINS201 - Process and maintain workplace information

BSBTEC201 - Use business software applications

FWPCOT3259 - Operate a four wheel drive on unsealed roads

HLTAID009 - Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

HLTAID010 - Provide basic emergency life support

HLTAID011 - Provide First Aid

HLTAID013 - Provide First Aid in remote or isolated site

PUAFIR210 - Prevent injury

TLID1001 - Shift materials safely using manual handling methods

TLILIC0003 - Licence to operate a forklift truck

An asterisk (*) next to the unit code indicates that there are prerequisite requirements which must be met.