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Course Description

This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required to undertake pre-start checks, operate and shut down two wheel motorbikes.

The unit applies to individuals who operate two wheel motorbikes to undertake routine work under general supervision with limited autonomy and accountability.

Vehicle must be operated according to relevant state/territory licensing authority vehicle license requirements and regulations.

Elements and Performance Criteria

1. Prepare a two wheeled motorbike for operation

  • Confirm with supervisor activity to be undertaken and that the vehicle is fit for purpose
  • Identify potential hazards and risks to self and implement safe working practices to manage risks
  • Conduct routine pre-operational checks on two wheel motorbike according to operators manual and report faults or malfunctions to supervisor for repair
  • Select and maintain personal protective equipment according to workplace safety requirements
  • Use and fit personal protective equipment, including helmet that is fit for purpose
  • Select two wheel motorbike according to rider’s size, skill level and task to be completed
  • Ensure any items that are to be transported on the two wheel motorbike are safely secured
  • Identify and confirm areas and applications excluded to two wheel motorbike operation on the workplace safety plan

2. Operate a two wheeled motorbike

  • Start up, steer, maneuver, position and stop two wheel motorbike in a controlled manner
  • Comply with legislation and workplace safety plan in regard to carrying passengers
  • Identify environmental and biosecurity implications associated with two wheel motorbike operation and minimise impact
  • Identify situations where two wheel motorbike good riding techniques are required
  • Apply two wheel motorbike good riding techniques to pre-position the body to assist bike stability
  • Identify and avoid riding surfaces, terrain and slopes that are dangerous to safe operation
  • Operate and maneuver over a variety of surfaces, slopes and terrain to minimise risk to safety
  • Modify two wheel motorbike operation according to local weather conditions

3. Conduct shut down procedures

  • Shut down two wheel motorbike
  • Identify and report malfunctions, faults, irregular performance or damage to supervisor
  • Store and secure two wheel motorbike
  • Remove and store keys in the required location
  • Unload, load and secure motorbike safely