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Course Description

This unit of competency describes the outcomes required to operate a mobile chipping or mulching unit to chip or mulch timber refuse such as branches and other timber waste left after felling operations. Work is completed in a forest or forest farm setting.

The unit applies to those who operate a mobile chipping or mulching unit in a forest environment.

Elements and Performance Criteria

1. Prepare for mobile chipping or mulching

  • Review work order and where required check with appropriate personnel.
  • Select appropriate personal protective and other equipment and check for operational effectiveness.
  • Identify type and quantity of timber refuse to be chipped or mulched.
  • Plan chipping or mulching activities in line with work order.

2. Chip or mulch timber refuse

  • Reject timber refuse assessed as unsuitable for chipping or mulching and dispose of or recycle in line with environmental protection practices.
  • Use equipment in line with organisational safety procedures, manufacturer’s instructions and environmental protection requirements.
  • Position, secure and set up chipping and mulching unit in line with manufacturer's specifications and required size.
  • Direct timber refuse into chipper or mulcher at rate applicable to machine capacity.
  • Chip timber refuse to chip sizes specified in work order.
  • Respond to critical situations requiring emergency shutdown to prevent personal injury or damage to machine or product.

3. Complete operator maintenance

  • Follow organisational safety procedures to lock out equipment.
  • Check cutters for wear and damage at appropriate or recommended intervals.
  • Remove, replace and dispose of cutters in line with manufacturer’s recommendations, site procedures and environmental protection practices.
  • Complete operator maintenance tasks in line with manufacturer’s recommendations and site procedures.
  • Record and report production outcomes and equipment faults to appropriate personnel.