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Course Description

This unit describes the outcomes required to trim and cut felled trees with a chainsaw and to complete operator maintenance. It applies to situations where the production of timber is not the primary focus of the activity.

The unit applies to a forestry worker, chainsaw operator, forest harvester, harvesting technician and arboriculture worker.

Elements and Performance Criteria

1. Prepare for trimming and cutting

  • Review work order and where required check with appropriate personnel
  • Select appropriate personal protective and other equipment and check for operational effectiveness
  • Plan trimming and cutting activities in line with work order and environmental conditions

2. Visually assess felled trees

  • Assess tree location and stability for conditions likely to affect safety of trimming and cutting activities
  • Visually assess tree for defects and identify stresses within tree
  • Mark trees too dangerous to cut safely and refer to appropriate personnel

3. Plan cutting

  • Move or stabilise tree for safe cutting in line with site procedures
  • Select cutting pattern to optimise time and manageable removal of sections
  • Identify options for utilisation of product
  • Plan cutting sequence to maintain control of cut sections and minimise cutting problems
  • Select cutting positions considering tree stresses
  • Clear debris from work area to allow safe access and prevent saw damage and personal injury

4. Use chainsaw to trim and cut trees

  • Monitor location and movement of other personnel and modify work to ensure safety
  • Establish and maintain communication to ensure safety
  • Secure tree section on each side of planned cut; evaluate and control potential movement
  • Operate chainsaw to cut tree and limbs and adjust cutting technique in response to movement and condition of tree and limbs
  • Prepare cut sections for removal from the site

5. Complete equipment maintenance

  • Follow organisational safety procedures to lock out equipment
  • Check chain for bluntness or damage
  • Remove, sharpen, adjust and replace chain and other components in line with manufacturer recommendations
  • Record and report trimming and cutting records, equipment faults and maintenance requirements to appropriate personnel